Understanding the 3 Types of Residential Solar Panels


What kind of residential solar panels you need exactly? Before you set to work on building your very own system, you first need to ask yourself what are your requirements. There are basically three kinds of residential solar power systems can be integrated into your house. These namely are utility tie system, utility interactive system and lastly, what is mostly referred as shine solar standalone system .

Utility-Tie System

Utility tie systems don't have battery equipment that come with the unit. In this kind of system, all the electric power made by the panels are travelling through inverter and offsetting the power that would usually be consumed from the power company. This kind of system is reversing or slowing your meter depending on the amount of solar power generated. This kind of system is very popular as there aren't batteries to be bought. And because there aren't batteries that are associated in the system, it only functions when there's direct sunlight and won't function at night.

Utility-Interactive System

In this type of solar panel system, it is much like the utility tie system but, it has a battery as well as added controls. The utility interactive system is feeding the utility meter and lets you to operate off the grid. Depending on the size of the solar power system installed as well as the number of devices and appliances you currently need to power, this system is capable of supporting the entire house or simply the appliances that you feel are needed.

With extra batteries, utility interactive system will cost you roughly around 30 percent more than the utility tie system. On the other hand, you have added benefit of storing the solar electric power in the batteries which is great for later use.

Stand Alone System

Stand alone system is basically the ideal residential solar panel system you can get if you don't have direct connection to any public utilities. In this kind of system, it may include additional power generation sources too similar to conventional gas generators and wind power. This system has completely no interactions with power utility grid. The number of solar panels as well as components to be used are dictated by the overall solar energy requirements of your house. This kind of link system is basically perfect for cabins, remote homes or even those who travel on their RV as it allows them to generate energy without relying on the grid.

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